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Baptism: Faith + Grace

Dear Parents,
Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby! Our Catholic Community joins you in thanking God for the gift of new life. As you are seeking the baptism of your child in the Roman Catholic Church, the following guidelines are presented to help you embark upon this journey of faith with Christ and his Church.

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More about baptism in the Catholic Church

By Baptism we are adopted into God’s family and become members of Christ’s mystical body, the Church. Jesus becomes our brother and Mary, his mother, our spiritual mother while every other baptized Christian is our spiritual brother or sister. Baptism leaves a spiritual mark of belonging to Christ on our soul which can never be deleted.

The first Christians accepted the faith as adults but were determined that their children should receive the new life which they themselves had embraced as soon as possible. In Catholic tradition therefore children are baptized soon after birth, ‘within the first few weeks’, to welcome them into the Church. Baptism is a Sacrament of great joy; it is our first encounter with the Lord.

Godparent Information


Infants should have a sponsor and may have two sponsors (one male, one female). The sponsor should not be less than 16 years old, and must be a baptised, confirmed and practising Catholic. The father or mother may not act as the child’s sponsor. If a child is the first to be born in a family, the parents and, desirably, the godparents will be invited to attend a session of Baptism Preparation.

Baptism Request Form

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Please note that baptisms are held after 4:30pm mass or after 10:30am mass. They can be scheduled anytime, with approval from the pastor (and presiding priest/deacon).

Family Contact Information

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Membership with a parish is vital to the faith formation of the child(ren). You should belong to a parish, usually one near your home or one where you feel comfortable to go for worship. We are happy to baptize children at St. Jude from any area, as many return home for this special day to celebrate with friends and family. By Canon Law, every faithful member of the Church belongs by geography to a local church by default regardless of actual membership. If you are not a member of Saint Jude the Apostle Parish by registration/membership or geography, we generally require permission from your proper pastor (the one in whose territory you physically reside or parish of record).


Please be sure to read the information above regarding the role of Godparents. This is very important. The church will determine if you have selected valid Godparents. Do not presume those you have chosen are valid until validated by the parish office. Only one Godparent is needed and they must be a confirmed Catholic in good standing. You may not have two "Godmothers" or two "Godfathers." A Catholic cannot be a Christian Witness - only those practicing another Christian denomination. Again, the parish can help you in determining valid Godparents.

Other Sacraments


We celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation each year with our bishop. We are inviting young people in grades 9-11 to consider getting confirmed.



We love celebrating the love between two people! Contact us to learn more about how the church supports strong and healthy marriages.



Children in third grade are usually prepared for First Holy Communion. Any child in third grade or older requesting first communion can be added to our preparation classes.


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